Christina Aguilera’s Diet And Workout Plan – Lose weight fast!

Christina Aguilera followed a balanced diet to lose about 40 pounds in 2013. 

Here is her diet plan:

Breakfast: blueberries, half an avocado and turkey bacon

Snack: celery with almond butter

Lunch: lean chicken breast over a veggie-filled salad (no dressings)

Snack: shrimp cocktail 

Dinner: chicken or fish curry 


Christina’s Workout plan:

Walk 10-20 minutes on the treadmill

She does up to 350-500 reps of sit-ups and other exercises like push-ups and lunges that focus on abs.

Christina works her biceps and triceps by making use of weights from 5 to 20 pounds.



Above: Christina Aguilera Before & After her impressive weight loss.


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Skim Latte

180ml skim milk

180ml coffee sprinkled with cinnamon

14g 70% dark chocolate

Skim milk is a dieter’s best friend, and not just because it’s fat-free and low-kilojoule. Studies show that the calcium you get from two daily servings of dairy is associated with lower body weight.

Total: 630 kilojoules

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Victoria’s Secret Models: Diet and Exercises to look sexy like them


Average weight: 50kg

Average height: 1,78 meters

Average age: 17 years

Victoria’s Secret Model’s DIET

They eat 5 small meals a day. They don’t eat processed food and they eat organic fruit and vegetables. They eat a lot of protein so they don’t lose muscle.

Eating plan and daily menu by Victoria’s Secret dietician:

Breakfast : Oatmeal, egg whites, vegetables, cottage cheese, fruit, muesli and yoghurt.

Lunch : Salads with chicken or fish and fruit

Dinner : Sashimi, brown rice, chicken, fish, turkey and vegetables

A little bit of dark chocolate or ice cream are allowed twice a week, so you don’t go overboard with chocolate, cookies and sweets.

 Victoria’s Secret Model’s EXERCISES

They go to the gym a lot and they each have their own personal trainer.

Fitness Program:

3-4 times a week: legs (30 minutes), core, arms and balance (30 minutes), stretching (15 minutes)

They also do yoga, pilates, weight lifting and running.

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Weight: 99lbs (45 kg)

Height: 1,63 meters


She eats small portions and she eats before 10pm.

Her favourite food: Bread with garlic and hot tea. She also have a weakness for sweets.

She practises surf once a week and she likes to swim. Megan eats whole food sources instead of processed foods and avoids grains. She follows the Paleo Diet.

A Description of the Paleo Diet

Avoid Grains, Lot’s of Natural Sources of Protein, Fats Are Good For You

Megan Fox is going to try the vinegar diet which is said to work both by suppressing appetite as well as cleansing digestive organs and speeding up metabolism.



Planks: Megan’s workout relied heavily on planks. Hollywood Trainer, Craig Ballantyne has a video page which shows several variations (will give link to that page later). Planks are by far the best move for women to get sexy, flat abs like Megan.

A Brief Ab Circuit: After blitzing her abs with planks, she would then spend 15-20 minutes doing a circuit that involved knee ups, leg swings, and ball leg lifts. This is done in an interval like fashion…hard effort with just a little rest and back to a tough exercise. The idea is to do 3-4 different exercises back-to-back, rest 30-60 seconds, then do it again. Repeat for 15-20 minutes. It is harder than it sounds!

Old School Stationary Bike: She then took advantage of the increased heart rate by finishing off with 30 minutes of cycling. This was done with low intensity (I’ll explain why intervals, followed by low intensity cardio is extremely effective at getting lean).

Why Megan Fox’s Brief Workout Burns Fat Like Crazy: You have probably heard that High Intensity Interval Training is great for getting lean and burning fat. This is true, but there is a flaw…

Interval Cardio is great at releasing fatty acids from fat cells (basically releasing fat into the bloodstream)…but is not good for using these fatty acids, once released.

Low Intensity Cardio is great for using fat for energy, but isn’t good at releasing fat from the fat cells in the first place.

Megan Fox’s Workout Program was a Hybrid Approach: She used body weight intervals to release the fat from the fat cells, followed by low intensity cardio to use these fatty acids for energy. The result was that Megan had a smokin’ body for Transformers.

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Tip 1 Exercise (like mixed martial arts training)

Tip 2 Get a few workout DVD’s, walk your dog and ride your bike.

Tip 3 Nutrition is key when it comes to reviving up your metabolism. Get lots of vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to keep your fat-storing hormone cortisol in check.

Tip 4 Try Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for selenium.

Tip 5 Oysters are loaded with zinc (a mineral that helps the body produce leptin, the hormone that helps control hunger)

Try this out: The Biggest Loser Wii Game and let Jillian be your personal trainer…

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The Cellulite diet

If you have a little (or a lot) of cellulite, don’t panic. Did you know that between 85 – 98% of women struggle with cellulite. And if you look at the celebs, thinking they don’t have it, THINK AGAIN… please, that’s just the power of photoshop. I hope this detox diet will help to to get rid of your cellulite. It is a very simple diet and I can assure you that it won’t do any harm trying it. So, good luck!

 This diet will help you to remove cellulite. Remember to drink 8 glasses of water every day.

It is recommended to follow this diet for 2 days every week.

 Day 1

Drink a glass of organic grapefruit

Breakfast: 1 cup of tea, yoghurt + 1 spoon of wheat germ

Lunch: Carrot juice with green apple

Snack: glass of organic grapefruit

Dinner: 1 grilled fish with spice (garlic or parsley)

Before going to bed: glass of organic grapefruit

Day 2

1 glass of organic grapefruit

Breakfast: 1 infusion with 1 spoon of oat, 1 spoon of wheat + 1 teaspoon of honey

Lunch: Carrot juice with celery, salad with tomato, cucumber and lettuce + 2 eggs

Snack: 1 yoghurt with a spoon of cereal

Dinner: 2 apples

Before going to bed: 1 fruit milkshake or 2 kiwis and 1 grapefruit


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EXERCISES Lady Gaga said that her sexual practises are a good exercise to lose weight.

And then, she’s always singing and dancing (which burns about 1000 calories per night!)


GAGA HAD BULIMIA: Gaga, 24, tells how she was eating fried chicken on her bed when she received a call to meet a record executive in 30 minutes. She says: “I said, ‘I’ll be right there’. I got up, went to the bathroom, threw up, did a line of coke, went to the meeting.”

Gaga eats everything in small quantities and organic foods. She drinks a lot if water and she tries to reduce alcohol

Standard menu of Lady Gaga for one day:

Breakfast: One sandwich with wholemeal bread, ham an sprouts + 2 raw carrots + 1 green apple + 1 green tea

Mid-morning: Protein bar Lunch: Salad + 2 slices of smoked salmon + cheese + 1 kiwi

Dinner: Vegetable soup, lettuce and tomato salad + 1 glass of wine

Before going to bed: 1 pear


Weight: 99lbs (45 kg)

 Height: 1,55 meters

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