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Christina Aguilera’s Diet And Workout Plan – Lose weight fast!

Christina Aguilera followed a balanced diet to lose about 40 pounds in 2013.  Here is her diet plan: Breakfast: blueberries, half an avocado and turkey bacon Snack: celery with almond butter Lunch: lean chicken breast over a veggie-filled salad (no dressings) Snack: shrimp cocktail  … Continue reading

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Skim Latte

180ml skim milk 180ml coffee sprinkled with cinnamon 14g 70% dark chocolate Skim milk is a dieter’s best friend, and not just because it’s fat-free and low-kilojoule. Studies show that the calcium you get from two daily servings of dairy … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Secret Models: Diet and Exercises to look sexy like them

  Average weight: 50kg Average height: 1,78 meters Average age: 17 years Victoria’s Secret Model’s DIET They eat 5 small meals a day. They don’t eat processed food and they eat organic fruit and vegetables. They eat a lot of … Continue reading

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  Megan Fox – THE SECRETS Weight: 99lbs (45 kg) Height: 1,63 meters  MEGAN FOX – DIET She eats small portions and she eats before 10pm. Her favourite food: Bread with garlic and hot tea. She also have a weakness for … Continue reading

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Tip 1 Exercise (like mixed martial arts training) Tip 2 Get a few workout DVD’s, walk your dog and ride your bike. Tip 3 Nutrition is key when it comes to reviving up your metabolism. Get lots of vitamin C. … Continue reading

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The Cellulite diet

If you have a little (or a lot) of cellulite, don’t panic. Did you know that between 85 – 98% of women struggle with cellulite. And if you look at the celebs, thinking they don’t have it, THINK AGAIN… please, … Continue reading

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 LADY GAGA: DIET AND EXERCISES  EXERCISES Lady Gaga said that her sexual practises are a good exercise to lose weight. And then, she’s always singing and dancing (which burns about 1000 calories per night!) DIET GAGA HAD BULIMIA: Gaga, 24, tells … Continue reading

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