HI EVERYONE! I’m following this diet right now and I can assure you – it works! Note that if you eat anything extra (like only one piece of chewing gum) this diet will have no effect… It isn’t that hard – I’m at my 3rd day and I don’t even get hungry. This is a great diet to follow as it is a crash diet, but a diet that’ll change your metabolism and you won’t put any weight on for at least 2 years. It is only for 13 days and you can lose 7 – 20kg if you follow this diet on a strict manner. Good luck and enjoy the results!!! :)


DAY 1 COFFEE (as much as you like, NO sugar) 2 Boiled EGGS, Cooked SPINACH (as much as you like) Grilled STEAK (as much as you like)
DAY 2 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) Grilled STEAK, GREEN SALAD (cucumber & lettuce) & ANY FRUIT HAM (as much as you like)
DAY 3 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) 2 Boiled EGGS, TOMATO Salad & GREEN BEANS HAM & GREEN SALAD (cucumber & lettuce)
DAY 4 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) Cooked/Raw CARROTS & CHEESE (as much as you like) FRUIT Salad & Natural YOGHURT
DAY 6 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) Grilled De-Skinned CHICKEN (as much as you like) 2 Boiled EGGS & CARROTS
DAY 7 LEMON TEA Grilled STEAK & FRUIT (as much as you like) ANYTHING you like (not even on menu)
DAY 8 COFFEE (as much as you like, sugar) 2 Boiled EGGS, Cooked SPINACH (as much as you like) Grilled STEAK (as much as you like)
DAY 9 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) Grilled STEAK, GREEN SALAD (cucumber & lettuce) HAM (as much as you like)
DAY 10 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) 2 Boiled EGGS, TOMATO Salad & GREEN BEANS HAM & GREEN SALAD (cucumber & lettuce)
DAY 11 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) Cooked/Raw CARROTS & CHEESE (as much as you like) FRUIT Salad & Natural YOGHURT
DAY 13 COFFEE & W/WHEAT BREAD (as much as you like) Grilled TOMATO De-Skinned (as much as you like) 2 Boiled EGGS & CARROTS


 Due to the length of this diet, it is recommended that you plan it so that you do not have any big events planned during your next 13 days.

 The best starting time is on a Sunday, which only gives you one miserable weekend. This allows you to lose min 9kg, only if it is done strictly. From the 14th day you can start eating normally again, without putting on weight for three years, because the diet has altered your metabolism.

 Eat your whole-wheat bread with only a scraping of margarine.

 Please note that you have to drink a minimum of two liters of water per day. The purpose of this diet is to change your metabolism, with the result that after this diet you can eat normally again. Please note that this is not a traditional crash diet, but diet to change your metabolism-digestion as it continues working after 13 days. If this diet is followed in a strict manner, you should lose all excess body fat, between 9kg – 20kg. This diet must be followed for 13 days – no longer and no less.

 If during the 13 days you consume 1 beer, 1 glass of wine, 1 piece of chewing gum or any extra food, you might as well stop the diet, because it becomes pointless and the diet will have no effect in this case. You may try again after 3 months.

 If you have followed this diet perfectly for 13 days, you must not repeat it under any circumstances before 12 months have passed. It is recommended that this diet is repeated every 2 years if so required.


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277 Responses to METABOLISM DIET

  1. Yoko says:

    hi. I’m 1m67 and 60kg. I want to follow this diet. but can I actually lost 9kg?

    thank you in advance.

  2. desiree smith says:

    hi im following this dieet,im on day 3,just want to know if im allowed coffee during the day as well or only in the morning?(without sugar or milk of course)

  3. Anna Davids says:

    Hie there, I have been following this diet.I got it from a friend who followed it and lost a lot of weight. She lost about 17kgs and she is now smaller than she used to be. It definitely worked for her. I decided to do it as well and I am now on day 8 and I am not feeling any lighter. I have only lost about 2kgs and I have been following it strictly. Is there a possible reason why it could not be working for me? Please help, I’m feeling really depressed at the moment.

    • Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am following this diet. I am experiencing the same problem you had of not loosing as much weight as you expected. Today I am on day 8 and have lost about 3kg but I am following the diet strictly. How many kgs did you ultimately loose and what did you do to solve the problem. Thanks

  4. irene cox says:

    Hi I want to try you mb diet just don’t know what qualty fruit is or what the quantity of ham is it sandwich ham or roast ham and if we don’t eat pork what other meat can be substitute.
    Kind regards

  5. Tersia Adams says:

    Hi, i am gluten and dairy intolerant and therefore cannot consume cheese nor w/wheat bread. I eat a sweetpotato bread which is gluten and dairy free. do you perhaps have any substitutes for these items that I can use instead?

  6. jin's says:

    hey i wanna ask how if i ate a tomoto on the first day lunch? will it effect the result? and i dont really like grill can i boiled the steak with pure water? please reply thanks :)

  7. it looks interesting. I’m willing to try but I’m allergic to coffee. Can I replace it with lemon tea?

  8. Tendayi says:

    Hi I started the diet 4 days ago , being a big girl i was miserable on day 4 as i was home and chill factor of being made me weak but i soldiered on today im on day 5 and feeling much better. However i do feel tires and drained but im keeping on. How did you manage ?

  9. Amy says:

    Hello ! is there a substitute for Ham?

  10. Nali says:

    I am on day 8 of this diet and 4 days ago I had my monthly cycle. This really put me back as I have not had regular visits to the toilet….should I be worried??

  11. Najma says:

    Hi, I also just started this diet yesterday…have a few questions though,,, Can u hav coffee throughout the day or is it only at breakfast? Is there nothing to nibble in between? I also want to fast as well, so can I combine breakfast and lunch in the morning to start my fast which at the moment starts at about 5am and then break fast at 6pm with the dinner? I do notice that throughout the diet there is never a combination of carbohydrates and proteins, so this is my concern with combining breakfast and lunch which has both.

  12. maya says:

    i just wanted to know if a sugar free chewing gum is allowed….

  13. johanna says:

    Hi , im doing this diet for the third time now in about 2 months… And i just read that you cant repeat the diet? Please give me a explenation because i dont see a need to only do this diet once a year.?

  14. gigi says:

    Do you really lose weight. Im on day 3 and nothing yet

  15. Heather says:

    I am one happy person with this diet, I did in in June 2012, I lost a total of 12 kgs by the 13th day, I continue to lose up to this day. My appetite changed completely. Everyone notices my new figure and it feels good. I have became am inspiration for my friends.

  16. Elna says:

    Are you allowed to eat as much w/wheat bread as you like and stil lose weight?

  17. Chrissie says:

    Can you please me more info in how to prepare the food.

  18. Arista says:

    why can you use sweetner but no sugarfree gume

  19. Cindy Miller says:

    I have been on this diet for 10 days now and have followed it to the letter and have not lost any weight yet?? When if ever does it start working or why has it not worked??

    Has all this suffering been for nothing??

  20. Bev says:

    if i’m on glucophage meds ,must i stop them to follow this diet

  21. Truia Meyer says:

    Hi is there any side affects if you follow this diet? Thanks

  22. arryan says:

    can i smoke during this diet……..?

  23. maria says:

    hi im starting my diet on monday i hope i wil make it as i cn see lot of people are make it

  24. sihle says:

    following this diet …… cnt say much coz i havnt visited the scale…… its hard though am ending my day 5 to day

  25. amanda says:

    What about my coffee through the day. May I drink coffee when I feel hungry

  26. rosy says:

    plz, i take a medicine “immunostim” 1 sachet daily, is there any conflit wz the diet?

  27. Kay says:

    I’ve just started that diet, I weight 63.3 Kg, I’ll keep you posted on the results :)

  28. Mrs c says:

    I have tried this in the past and had amazing results. It is boring but well worth it. I am ready to do it again.

  29. Angie says:

    for day 4… any type of cheesee would work? and any amount? i love cheese thats why hehe

  30. Kay says:

    Day 2: Feeling great :) 62.3 Kg. Full of energy and not hungry :)

  31. Kay says:

    Day 3: 61.8 Kg :) already lost 1.5 kg in just 2 days :)

  32. Kay says:

    Day 4: 61.3 Kg :) I can’t believe it :) 2 kg in 3 days :) I looooove this diet

  33. anna says:

    can i use pork?

  34. lorna says:

    I am allergic to boiled eggs because they contain too much sulphur.what can I eat

  35. sandra long says:

    Does the powdered non dairy creamer inter fear with this diet? the powdered creamer used for coffee

  36. Gordo says:

    Im trying it, I will post the results when im finished

  37. Linda says:

    On day 2 you say coffee and ww bread, does this refer to as much coffee? or as much bread as i like? may i toast the bread?

  38. Kaidee says:

    Hi there, did this diet work for you? I am seriously considering it but I wouldn’t want to put myself through hell if I don’t see results. How much weight did you loose and did you complete the 13 days without cheating?

  39. Arooj says:

    What if you cant eat ham is there an alternative to it? and by lemon tea do u mean normal lemon green tea you get in markets?

  40. says:

    I am starting tomorrow and i hope this works!

  41. Yvette du Plessis says:

    Me and my 20yr old daughter are currently doing it. Day 11 tomorrow. Going great. I’ve shed about 2,5 kgs so far, but I look better and hope to lose more. Its nice to have a partner to do it with.

  42. sonja says:

    i cannot eat any bread, so with what can i substitute it with instead?

  43. tach says:

    is any kind of oil/ fat allowed to cook in?


  44. Janet says:

    Whatis the alternative for someone who doesnt drink coffee (if there is one) and is the coffee supposed to be filtered or instant?

  45. Christina says:

    The days where it says, e.g. steak or fruit, how much are you supposed to have? It doesn’t tell you how much, but doesn’t say as much as you like either.

  46. Honey says:

    hi there i urgently want to start this diet as its seems to be working for alot of people, so please kindly advise me what should i eat instead of ham? please reply

  47. chanell says:

    I started with this dieet today and is very “scared” to try it buut I hope to see good end results after 13 days. I’ll leave a comment again after 13 days.

  48. Helma says:

    My sister has done this diet and lost 9kg. She look ssssooooooo goood. I’m starting tommorow. I’m determined. She was a real inspiraton.

  49. Ana says:

    I am gonna start this diet this Sunday and I cann’t wait. Thanks for sharing the plans.

  50. sherry says:

    I dont eat pork what can i substitute in place of ham and when you say as much as you like does this just mean the coffee. Im about 17.5 stone and need to loose weight


  51. Adam says:

    Why can’t you use chilli, garlic and ginger etc to make food taste better – they all increase metabolism and have no carb value? Also consider swapping plain ham for Parma etc.

  52. Vanessa says:

    I would like to go onto this diet, but there is so much things on this menu i dont eat. what do i do? (tomato, spinach, green beans) can you give me something i can eat instead?


  53. Lee says:

    I am starting this diet today! I am hyped up about it and going to finish it! just some quick question, the coffee? can you add in sweetner?
    The steaks? can you add salt and pepper to it as well as the salads?

  54. Andreavdhouten says:

    Hi, I know this might seem like a silly question but is it okay to not have sugar in my coffee where it says I must?

  55. Marcelle says:

    Hi there ….. It says that you can add lemon juice ,onions and salt and pepper …. Does this mean you may add it to any meal ? For example when u eating steak for supper can u add onions ??

  56. Who else has this diet work for? Anyone? and there are no potions for the other meals.

  57. Makhulu says:

    Hi everyone. My husband and I just started the diet five days ago. We r so excited about shedding off the excess weight.

  58. BB says:

    Im starting this diet on sunday 27/01/2013 will keep all posted.

  59. Zandile says:

    Wow I have finished it and I have lost 8 kg

  60. Amy Rambali says:

    If you do not at beef or pork can the steak and ham be substituted with lamb and chicken

  61. Nopasika says:

    I’m planning to start the diet but I do not use ham what can I use as substitute

  62. portia says:

    can i still continue with gym if am in this 13 day diet

  63. Sonet Geldenhuys says:

    My weight is 200kg will this diet work for me pls help me I’m so so desprate

  64. Togeda Vardien says:

    Hi ya’ll, this is my first day and I’m so excited! I know of people who lost weight following this 13 day diet and they are still losing weight. I’ve tried quite a few diet plans and products but never was pleased with the results. So ya, I’m excited and I’m tackling this 13 days heads on. Will keep you posted (banana smile)

  65. Peliswa says:

    I’m on ma 3rd day today, but I’m feeling very weak, can I eat whole wheat bread at anytime , or I have to eat it in the morning only?

  66. Jacqui Pettett says:

    Can I swap day 6 for day 7? Jacqui

  67. Togeda says:

    Hi, I can proudly say i don’t have any regrets trying out this diet. I’m at my 11th day and I have already dropped a dress size :) This is so cool! The 13 day diet is not difficult at all, you just have to be dedicated and confident. If I can do it you can too. Can’t wait to shed more wait:) good luck ya’ll.

  68. Fiso says:

    What do I substitute ham with as I don’t eat ham

  69. nunu says:

    what can i substitute meats with I only eat fish no beef,no chicken

  70. Kanyi says:

    Id like 2join wl let yu knw if it worked

  71. Bernard says:

    At the last day it says that in the afternoon it is grilled tommato??? Only… is it a mistake???

  72. Brandyne Arendse says:

    Hi there, we are trying this diet and have heard good things about it,, but the guidelines are a bit vague. like tomato salad for example…. what goes into a tomato salad. Is there a website we can get the specifics.

  73. Nomthandazo says:

    Woooooow it works, 1st week nd i’ve already lost 6kg was 66kg now 60, another six days 2 go happppppy

  74. basheerah says:

    Can you toast the wholewheat bread or not?

  75. Wendy says:

    what if I don’t drink coffee or eat ham?

  76. Disapointing says:

    This diet was followed strictly but within a month of finishing it, the weight was put back on. The only way to keep your weight off is to excercise for at least 1/2 hour every day and change your eating habits permanently.

  77. dora says:

    am gonna try it.

  78. Nopasika says:

    Its my last day of the diet. I only lost 9 kgs. I enjoyed it. I would like to know if am I still going (o loose some weight thereafter.

  79. Claire Shand says:

    I dont like bolid eggs they make me I’ll, can I still do this?

  80. Unknown says:

    is garlic bad?

  81. mashadi says:

    can I replace spinach?

  82. rashnee says:

    What can u replace instead of steak and ham.

  83. bonnie says:

    Iv started the diet and so far so good I don’t get hungry that much

  84. nadia says:

    can anything be substituted for ham?

  85. Monica says:

    Hi I don’t eat pork. What can I substitute in place of the ham?

  86. ksy says:

    This is a great diet every body has noticed the waight ive lost so hsv i ive droped a dress size already the copy i hav is a bit less food than this one eg; only 1 brown roll for breakfast and beef or steak i tend to eat a couple extra peices of fruit and im doing well

  87. Sara says:

    Hi I wanted to know if I can drink diet sprite during this diet? And what can I substitute the ham with?

  88. Bianca says:

    Can i drink coffee throughout the day or only at breakfast?

  89. mimi says:

    I would like to loos certain kg

  90. adele says:

    I followed this diet extremely close. but I only lost 3kg, why

  91. Candice says:

    Wow sounds amazing…I MUST definitely do this to kickstart my metabolism. I’ll take the advice & start this Sunday! Excited :D

  92. pravs says:

    can you substitute the steak and ham for something else say chicken, fish or turkey

  93. simphiwe peters says:

    Can I ask this coming sunday I will begin my diet so I would like to know about smoking during this 13days am I allowed to smoke or not?and what could be the dangers of smoking

    Thank you

  94. Edina says:

    Can I do this diet while I am breastfeeding ?

  95. Mapula says:

    if it says, “as much as you like” eg; coffee/bread, does this mean you could drink/eat it through out the day or is it only for that specific time “breakfast”

  96. rae says:

    i am vegetarian. how will i follow this?

  97. alaa says:

    on day 8 there is sugar with coffee but the tips says no sugar, and what about the following days 9-13 shall i use sugar in my coffee too

  98. purity says:

    what about where u hv written anything day 7 what am o surppose to eat

  99. Fikile says:

    What if you add garlic instead of onion?

  100. Limpho says:

    Will the metabolism diet work if one doesn’t take coffee or tea. What can it be replaced with?

  101. Shafeeqa says:

    Hi! I’m on day one of this diet, have you stuck to it and completed? Please let me know your results!

  102. damarice maende says:

    what other beverage can be used instead of coffee

  103. nonkanyiso gloria zola says:

    Please could u kindly e-mail me this diet

  104. TINTIN says:


  105. lungile says:

    what can i drink instead of the coffee because it gives me palpitations

  106. lungile says:

    is this good for males?

  107. zandi says:

    Hey, I don’t eat pork 4 religious reasons. Is there somethig I can subsitute the ham with?

  108. Kristy says:

    Hi. I’m on this diet now (day 2) what were your results? And do you know what ham??? Samie ham or like a proper ham thing?

  109. tebogo says:

    hey.this is my 9th day.i am hoping for positive outcomes.the first few days were tough but I managed to pull through.

  110. Zaks says:

    Hi there,

    What is the subsitute for Ham and raw tomatos

  111. Nunu says:

    I recently started this diet… #Day1 to be exact!! Two questions: on the “cheat day” day 7 dinner…you can eat anything right?so can you also drink wine?

    Last question, does smoking have any effect on this diet?

  112. Rose says:

    I’ve started with the diet today and I’ve got questions to ask ,where can I call .

  113. chanel says:

    Are u aloud to eat onions with any of the meals cauze I’m on my 2nd day and I ate onions with the ham?

  114. Yvonne Mwangi says:

    I’m starting this diet tomorrow. I’ve had friends who tried it and lost upto 10 kgs. My last attempt wasn’t so successful but I’m hoping ill succeed this time. I weight about 72 kgs and I’m 5’8. Goal weight is 65 kgs

  115. Marisol Galeano says:

    I already see The results
    One of my friends lost 20 pounds…
    She looks fantastic….
    And now, she is my motivation!!!
    Thanks to this 13 days diet .

  116. Zaza says:

    I would like to try this diet вυт my main thing is that I do Not eat the following items:
    •Grilled Tomatoes
    •Natural Yoghurt
    •And Coffee ( I Only drink Black tea)

    Would it still work ιƒ I just cut out those items αи∂ substitute only da coffee for da black tea Or Would it Not….
    Thnx . XoXo


  117. Michelle says:

    Is popcorn allowed on the diet?

  118. Donna says:

    Does it really work for most people

  119. roxanne says:

    Hi, I want to try this diet but I don’t eat tomato, spinach and I’m allergic to pork (ham) so can I put in that place of da diet, and will it work?

  120. nthati says:

    Hi please help, what can i replace eggs with as i dont eat them.

  121. Lynn says:

    Can i swop the lunch menu for supper as i am working

  122. kolo says:

    Hi 2day is my day3 N I’m breastfeeding N dis is difficult but i won’t cheat I’m enough with dis weight 111kg at the age of 28)rs

  123. Moipone says:

    I have started this diet with my sister and we are on our fifth day I’m telling you it works but it hard yoh lol I’m sooo craving rice and stew but I can’t cause I really need to loose this weight,I haven’t weighed myself yet I wanna be surprised on day 13…

  124. Thobshsh says:

    Eish m on the 6th day but I see no difference,m worried

  125. Lyla says:

    What can Ham be replaced with on this diet

  126. Woozie says:

    Am I allowed to exercise on this diet or not? Which will be more effective in losing weight, exercising along with the diet or no? Also when you lose the weight do you also lose belly fat alongside it because my aim is to get a flat and toned stomach. Also if its not too much to ask do you think I could replace the ham with salami?

  127. feiysteph says:

    on my 2nd day,sooo hungry

  128. feiysteph says:

    soo hungry,my 2nd day

  129. Nonhlanhla says:

    Hi , I can safely say that this diet really works because I’ve lost 10kg so far I’m on day 12 . I’m so excited !

  130. Ross says:

    I accidently ate some oats (perhaps 30g) and 20g of dried cranberries
    Is this a problem as i am on day 4 already ??

  131. Grapefruit says:

    Does this really work. I have tried may things to loose weight, but nothing seems to work for me.

  132. Manneko Khasu says:

    What do i do if I want to lose only 6kg,do I continue following the diet strictly or I can stop at the desired weight?

  133. Neoza says:

    Oh God i think im not emotionally strong enough to try this diet

  134. Puleng says:

    I am interested in trying out this diet

  135. Cherise says:


    Are we only allowed to drink coffee during the morning or can it also be drank during the day?

  136. Juanita says:

    Do anyone know if you are restricted with coffee during the day? Can you only drink coffee for breakfast and the rest of the day NO coffee. Reason for question is, coffee helps to suppress hunger

  137. Roelien says:

    I am day 5 now and I do not even feel hungry because of the “eat as much). I feel more eneretic and no more constipation. I am going to do the full 13 days and will comment again. A friend of mine did the diet and lost 4.5 kg, she weighed 74 kg before the diet.

  138. Tracy Nzuza says:

    Thank you for this wonderful diet i used it and i lost weight before was weighing 123 i lost 13kg in 13days and still continued to loose weight even after 1yr its a good diet when u follow it properly.

  139. Thando says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this. I’m on my day1, I don’t eat ham do you know with what I can substitute with? Thanks

  140. candy says:

    What would you recommend that I should eat because I don’t eat ham?

  141. palesa says:

    Can i use appetite suprrasants pills during the diet

  142. mandilakhe says:

    I do not eat pork so what can I replace it with

  143. tidimalo tsheko says:

    I have started the diet today.I weight 80kg and wear size 38.I use to wear size 34.My other reason why i decided to start this program is because im having a problem with my diegestion system.i eat 3 times a day but hardly go to the toilet.I believe after 14 days my problem will be over.

  144. Lizzy van Wyk says:

    Hi there. There are many variations of this diet. Some swop lunch and dinner. Others say just Steak for that meal while some say Steak, Green salad and fruit. It is confusing… My mom had celery and rocket and cress in her green salad and even ate cooked tenderstem broccoli and asparagus when she had “green salad” and has lost 5kg/8 lbs after the first week. She also had chicken skin with her chicken and still losing… I’m just trying to find the pure plan of this diet… Also, can I have black tea (caffeine free/caffeinated) instead of black coffee? What is it about the coffee that makes the difference?

  145. oj says:

    Can’t I substitute coffee for something else? I don’t drink coffee nor tea? I really need to go on this diet plan.

  146. cathrine says:

    i love the diet i must say

  147. Khanyisile says:

    What can I substitute fish with since i’m allergic to it and my husband does not eat raw veggies what can he eat instead?

  148. Thando says:

    Saw the 13 day diet plan… Would love to join in and follow rhe diet bt i hv some questions.
    1. I never ever eat breakfast because i never have time… So will it be a problem if i skip a meal?
    2. I cant tolerate coffee… So is there anything i can substitute it with?
    3. Will it b a problm if i swap the meals around… Like swap my lunch for supper an vice versa or repeat say mondays supper on thurs… Because i dont eat ham.. Thats another problem.

  149. Lamantungwa says:

    I’m on my sixth day and the results are observable.

  150. shelmith nyawira gitonga says:

    This diet works!am on my fifth day and still going strong.cant wait to finish n take measurements.

  151. Zaza says:

    can ou eat freuits in between diet?

  152. Zaza says:

    Can you eat fruits in between this diet?
    Sorry for the spelling mistakes above

  153. Paul Solomon says:

    What can I replace coffee and ham with if I want to take metabolism sexy diet since I dnt take coffee nor eat ham, but I want to do the diet !!!!!

  154. Anna says:

    can you have as much coffee AND toast as you like ?


  156. b says:

    Are u allowed to drink 100% juice or use any dressing salad?

  157. Masabata says:

    Can i eat pro vita’s instead of wholewheat bread? also what can i put instead of Ham, i don’t eat pork?

  158. nobesuthu nkomonye says:

    Thanks guys about the diet I am in day ten now and its realy working,I am loosing

  159. Sandra Renda says:

    I am on day 11. I followed every meal strictly. nothing, nothing extra. only lost 2.5kg. WHY?????

  160. Lettia says:

    why should you wait for two years before repeating the diet?

  161. Kimberley says:

    Hi, I’ve heard great things about this diet…I was just wondering how much w/wheat bread should you eat – is 1 piece okay? And when it says “ham” is that cooked ham or is sliced ham okay too?

    And can I not eat somethings like fruit or bread?

  162. Cindy says:

    I was a size 42 weighing 97kg now I’m a 34 weighing 80kg .I still need to get rid of 5 to 10 kg

  163. martha says:

    Day three and counting. So far I’m coping

  164. mercey says:

    Hi can I still do the diet if I don’t drink coffee eat ham and spinach

    Thank you

  165. Khanyisa says:

    Thank you for this diet because within 5 days I can see the change. Now Im back to square one. Thank you once again.

  166. Deborah says:

    Hi, when you don’t mention as much as u like, for example ham, how do u know how much to have ? Thanks

  167. Lethabo Raphahlelo says:

    Hi I’m still busy with the diet,I’m on my 9th day n I’m hapi to announce that I’ve already lost 10kg n still going strong,this diet really works,nw in already enjoying my body and my weight,thanks very much for the diet.

  168. portia says:

    Hi I’m busy with this Diet, but I have a question, can I eat fruit in between my meals, to remove my cravings?

  169. ansie labuschagne says:

    Well I have tried a lot of diets. Starting with this one on Sunday with my friend. So will let you know after 13 days how it went.

  170. khanyo says:

    Is the popcorn allowed when u a metabolism diet?

  171. siphamndla says:

    does man allowed to do this diet?

  172. Rebecca says:

    Hi, just wondering with things like the cheese and yoghurt, is it better to get low fat or regular? Because low fat ones seem to have a lot more sugar. Also what sweetner do you recommend? Thanks

  173. Grace says:


    My name is Grace , today is my second day , will let you guys know how it is going.I brought in two slices of whole wheat bread (no toasted) is this fine .I weigh currently weigh 79.5 kg

    fingers crossed I really need to loose the weight.

    I have different versions of this diet . I hope this one version will work for me as well

  174. Taryne says:

    Can you take multivitamin and omega 3 tablets with this diet?

  175. Melissa says:

    I’m on day 1 and would like to know , where it says carrots with lemon and coffee, its it lemon juice?? And with the boiled eggs, tomato salad and green beans can i leave out the beans is there a way i can prepare it so i tastes better? And does the lemon juice over the spinage taste better that just the spinage. Thanks alot.

  176. Lindy says:

    Hi I did try the 13 day diet a few months back and I stopped on day 7 due to a function I didn’t knw abt , bt I must say I did loose weight. Me and my boyfriend started the diet 2day, decided to stay together for the 13days so dat we will be able to stick to the diet and motivate each other with some exercises involved. I have look at different sites abt da diet and i’m a bit confused.
    1.some say no salt and some say salt can be use
    2. some say no sugar while others say 2 teaspoons on some days like 1-7. some they say eat as much as u like and some give you in portions.

    There’s nothing that we don’t eat that on the diet bt im just worried abt the salt, sugar and EAMAYL issue because Im just not sure how will affect the whole diet and us loosing weight.

    Please do help

    • Irene says:

      Hi Lindy,

      I’m also looking at different sites, and have now already printed 4 versions of the diet and every single one differs….???? Have you had any luck yet by getting your questions answered? I want to start tomorrow but don’t know which one to follow!

  177. kgaugelo says:

    i would llike to start the diet but i am breast feeding. my question is: it wont affect the baby if i follow this diet?

  178. Hi, I’m on day 2 and it’s going well. I’m hoping to see some good results by day 13.

  179. Sonja says:

    I am so desperate to lose weight – found your diet yesterday and will be starting with 2 other ladies from tomorrow morning! Ready to do anything to lose this weight!! You say that we can use sweetner – can I use Xylitol?

  180. angelz says:

    on day i had half a slice of whole wheat bread with my coffee by mistake. im on day 2 now. will this affect my diet should i stop?

  181. juanita says:

    Hi can I have Cheddar cheese with my carrots? Or is it a certain cheese?

  182. Jafta says:

    Hi, I want to know what will happen if I do the diet again, instead of waiting for three months or 12 month period

    • sexydiet says:

      well wait at least 2 weeks if you HAVE to do it again

      • Jafta says:

        Thanks, I’m desperate and I know that the diet can help me I was 107kg now I’m 97kg doing good. I must atleast weigh 87 kg, I do a lot of cardio and have changed my daily diet aswell. Thanks to you, you changed my life. Good luck to those also trying

  183. Miss Diva says:

    Just completed Day 1,i did it in Jan and lost about 5 kg and only did it for 6 days.I am pretty excited to attempt it again. I must say its not for sies,cant wait for End Results though.

  184. Nadine says:

    HI there,

    I am on day 3 of the diet, just want to know how many cups of coffee are we allowed per day?

  185. Zena says:

    Hi there, just a few questions for the green salad could you add celery and green capsicum? or is it just as states lettuce and cucumber? and can you have red onions with all you like?

  186. Nitasha says:

    Hi. On day 8 for breakfast, do we add sugar to the coffee?

      • Nitasha says:

        How many teaspoons do you recommend of sugar in the coffee on day 8?

      • Irene says:

        Oh my, I am on day 9 today, and the results are amazing. I weighed on day 6, and had lost 4kgs at that stage, haven’t weighed again. I did however completely forget to put sugar in my coffee yesterday (day 8). Do you think that is a huge train smash?

      • Icemaiden says:

        Hi Sexydiet, Hope you can help with this query. I have a version of the diet that allows no sugar on any day. Only sweeteners. I had 2 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee on the first day as I hadn’t bought the sweetener by then. Is this why I haven’t had any weight loss yet? I am on day 7 at the moment. Thanks in advance.

  187. Rati says:

    hi, is t okay to drink water with lemon juice during the 13 day diet plan

      • Rati says:

        thnx a lot Sexydiet, I started this diet on 04 November 2013 and finished on 16 November it was hard but I managed and lost 6.2kg after 13 days ( from 71.8kg to 65.6kg) will try it again after 2 years

      • Precious says:

        Hi Sexydiet, I weigh 70kg & followed the diet for 5 days this month, what will happen if I try again in less than 3 months? Is it black coffee without sugar & milk or just coffee? The “eat anything you like” on day 7 doesn’t it contradict with the rules were u say “if you eat anything extra during 13days u might as well stop”?

  188. sexy2dabeat says:

    I work 12 hour shifts, nd night shift also. So some of the mornings I’m sleeping cz I come frm work, so hw can I make this work 4 me? Please help!!

  189. louise says:

    Hi, I am 50 and need to lose about 10 kilos. Started the diet a week ago, now on day 7. Lost 2 and a half kilos, so far, although I stuck to the diet strictly, bit disappointing, but hoping to stick to it. No problems with being hungry because of EAMAYL, but sugar craving on day 2 and 3, (I am a sweets eater) and I was tired on day 2, and exhausted on days 5 and 6. Hope I can last 13 days!

  190. Thandy says:

    Hi, its my day1 today and i am not even hungry. Hope i do lose , 12days to go

  191. Nics says:

    On day 7 it says u can have anything for supper ….. Does this include take out n sweet stuff?

  192. Zena says:

    Hi just wondering, for day 13 should it be a grilled de-skinned chicken?? not tomato
    I am pleased to say i have results on day 3 and lost 1.8kgs

  193. Irene says:

    Good day, I would just like to find out, I am on day 3 now, is it fine if i use diet pills while doing the diet?

  194. Angie says:

    Hi i started with the diet on the 4th of November im on day 12 now, must say i feel lighter and some of my clothes that were small are fitting me again. I have strictly followed it, i’ll know exactly how many kilo’s im lost Sunday. Im so happy i did it, it was definitely with the effort!!

  195. Baba D says:

    I started this diet on Tuesday and my weight was 111.7kg. I will check my weight again on coming Tuesday. Wish me luck I am now on the edge. I do see changes by the way.

  196. mariska says:

    What can I eat for a fresh breath if gum isn’t allowed?

  197. thandy says:

    Hi there,I’m on day 8th but I haven’t see any difference,I’m thinking of stopping.I eat what its on the diet but nothing*sad*

  198. Shman says:

    Hi, I’m starting today. Currently 137Kg hoping to lose about 6/7kg. Will keep you posted.

  199. Master phis says:

    hi, IM OM DAY 2, n i havent weighed yet cos m w8n for day 7 atleast n scared but positive, pl guys those who lost keep on motivating us.

  200. Master PhiS says:

    Hi, I usually mix my water with drink o pop for appetite to suppress so I was wondering if. I can still do that?

  201. Panayiotis Onisiforou says:

    Can I subsitute the meats for other meats and also the fish

  202. Nomsa says:

    Hi, I’m on day two of this diet and I hope it works. I feel lighter today already but will keep you posted.

  203. Panayiotis Onisiforou says:

    can we supplements ham and fish for something else

  204. Nelle says:

    I am on day 9, and enjoying every moment of it, lost 5.4 in 6 days, will update again after day 13,

  205. MsB says:

    Hi i am exited to say i am on day 3 i started at 103kg i am now 98kg but i am struggling with hunger pangs any tip how i can keep them away especially at night i cant help listening to them and getting less sleep.

  206. Vanessa says:

    Thanks a lot Sexy diet. I am on day 12 and almost reached my goal weight. weight 72 now on 66 – Goal weight 65. This is great.

  207. xzelda says:

    Hi I am on day 7 and have been followin the diet VERY strictly drinking 2 to 4lt o water an day and eating right I do not see a diffrence I had cup off coffee one night while at friends house no milk with sweetner, can the be reason? Q nr too do I have to add suger to my coffee on day 8 or can I keep to sweetner and I can’t find lemon tea can I have nornal tea with lemon in?

  208. andiswa says:

    hi there, pls help me on this metabolism diet , can i put on the spices wen im grilling my steak? and if i dont eat pork wat can i substitude my ham with?

  209. mazaleni says:

    hi there, pls help me on this metabolism diet , can i put on the spices wen im grilling my steak? and if i dont eat pork wat can i substitude my ham with?

  210. Quanta says:

    hi sexy diet
    Is there any other meat that I can substitute the ham with since I don’t take any pork products for religious reasons?

  211. Elrene says:

    Hi,this is a awesome diet,I lost 3kg in the 13day’s.what is the reason of not repeat it in one year’s time

  212. Shan says:

    Hi, this is Day 1 for me, i have tried many diets and nothing has ever worked for me, well here i go again and i know i should be positive so i’m really hoping this diet finally boosts my metabolism. Will keep you guys posted, at the moment i’m 83kg and that makes my skin crawl and so hoping to get back the sexy 60kg i used to be. really great reading all these success stories, happy dieting guys mmwa

  213. Shan says:

    Day 2, and 1kg down, yay, i’m happy with that

  214. Shan says:

    Day 3 and 500g grams down, yayness thats 1.5kg in 2 days. have to admit i’m actually liking this. Day1 was terrible especially the spinach wish there was a subby for that but all in all its well worth the try

  215. juliet says:

    can spices and chillies be used to flavour the chicken,fish,steak and spinach? Can coffee be taken all day or only in the morning? Is toasted whole wheat bread allowed?

  216. Titi says:

    Hi there, I took this diet before 1 year & 6 month is it ok if I do it now ? Thanks

  217. mona says:

    Can we substitute chicken with ham and beef? Is green tea allowed in between.

  218. Nozibone Mazamisa says:

    I want to try this diet. Is it fine for 8 year old? My daughter is fat since birth. So can you please advice.

  219. Faye says:

    I am so excited to try this one out!

  220. shahied says:

    Please can you tell me what else I can eat besides ham as I can’t eat pork. Please give me an alternative, Thanks

  221. JoAnne Jonas says:

    I’m a 21 year old young lady,I’m 65kgs and I’m not certain on my height but I’m short. I am going to try out this diet and I hope it works. I’ll keep you guyz updated

  222. tinyiko says:

    I would love to start this diet but I don’t eat pork and fish,what should I use to substitute ham and white fish?

  223. Mona Murali says:

    I’m a vegetarian. How do I go about the substitute for meat?

  224. Katherine says:

    Hi all
    I just discovered this diet and I must say I am one of the few who has tried it ALL but I will not say the other diets don’t work coz they do… One needs loads of discipline and patience! This we lack coz we want fast results.

    So I decided I am going to try this, after all I have nothing to lose except the weight. Since I want to be accountable I will post here daily to update those who want to start. Too bad the newest comments are at the bottom.

    Anyway today is Day1… Chat tomorrow..

  225. MsB says:

    Hi Sexy,

    Can you incorporate gym with this diet.

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